Andy Palmer’s New Release: Sometime Around (video)

September 27, 2011

Last year I began a record with a songwriter who was that rare artist who had been writing (great) songs and developing his craft, but had never released a record/ep/single. When I heard Andy Palmer for the first time I knew there was something special and we had a great project ahead of us. Andy’s voice is unmistakeable and his style totally unique. Andy describes what he does as “gritty folk-rock” which is pretty much spot on. There are a number of unique elements about the record, but the core centers around Andy with his acoustic guitar, backed up by a pretty heavy drum groove and upright bass on many of the tunes. The upright gives the record a looser thumping low end which lends itself to a pretty unique feel.

We used an all-star cast of Colorado musicians: Brian McRae on drums and percussion; Bijoux Barbosa on upright and electric bass; Dave Beegle on electric and nylon string guitar; Kailin Yong on violin; Sheryl Renee and Megan Fong on background vocals; and Dan Kern on synth.

Here is the incredible video from the record’s first single “Grrr”. You can find the record “Sometime Around” on iTunes.

Mix: Braving The Atlantic about to drop…

August 25, 2010

In June I mixed an EP for Dave Hedin and his new solo project Braving the Atlantic. The songs are some of the coolest, most interesting and rocking material I’ve heard from anyone in a long time. There are moments of influence from bands like The Killers, Bloc Party and Snow Patrol. It’s very much it’s own thing and I’m excited for it to be released.

During mixing Dave made a couple of videos that I’ll share below. Mostly us trying to get work done while tornado season is in full swing here in Colorado.

For those who have asked, Dave basically recorded and produced the whole thing himself. I helped track basics with drummer Brian McRae up at The Wrecking Room (aka: Then the ubiquitous Jimmy Stofer came in for bass tracks. After that Dave holed himself up and played all of the rest of the instruments himself. There are some humorous videos on his site chronicling the recording process which happened over the past year. I highly recommend you check them out!

In the meantime, “Ignition EP” officially releases on August 31st, 2010, but there’s a listening party at The Walnut Room in Denver on Monday August 30th at 8PM. See you there!

In The Studio: Mixing from Braving The Atlantic on Vimeo.

In The Studio: Tornado from Braving The Atlantic on Vimeo.