Somebody Call Clive!

May 11, 2008

Friday we had Kyle Galanaugh up to cut BGV’s for his single “Wait.” The track is killing and we’re almost ready to mix. There’s a huge buzz around town about this EP and we’re so excited to finish it up.

The weekend was spent mostly working on maintenence, miscellaneous projects around the studio and filming for our new reality TV show entitled “Somebody Call Clive!”. Samples and out-takes will be up and available soon. Or, as soon as Dave gets them edited.

In other good news, the new firmware/software update for the Euphonix MC Mix controller was just released and it rocks so far. Seems like most of the major problems were fixed with Pro Tools. We’re also demoing an Orange Tiny Terror amp in the quest to expand guitar world.

Oh, and lastly, we just found out that our friend Yaffa is scheduled to be back in town from Italy this coming week. We will be embarking on uncharted territory, producing an opera/pop track for her record! Stay tuned…