Studio Blog: What About Pluto? – Update

February 22, 2009

Hey everyone-

I’m really excited to say that we’re nearing the finish line with the What About Pluto? project! We’ve started mixing the tunes and they’re turning out really great. Everything will be done and ready for you to check out sometime in March – so stay tuned!

In the mean time – check out some of our videos below from tracking sessions…



EP Release: Kyle Galanaugh

November 10, 2008

We’re pleased to announce that The Bergen Park EP has finally been released!  Justin and I both co-produced the EP, and were able to bring out Kyle’s vision for these songs. We’re all very happy with how it turned out, and we’ve been receiving some amazing feedback so far.  There’s a growing buzz around town about Kyle – and he’s already starting to receive some radio airplay around town on KTCL 93.3 and currently is Alternative 101.5‘s “Artist of the Month”.  Make sure to call in and request Kyle’s songs – and be sure to click on the link to the left to purchase the Bergen Park EP from iTunes.  We worked very hard on this project – and we hope you like it!

To celebrate the release, KTCL 93.3 put on a show featuring Kyle headlining at The Soiled Dove here in Denver. Local artists Xiren and Almost Legends warmed up a packed crowd, and the reception was great.  We were lucky enough to be able to check out the show with guitarist Fernando Curiel, who played electric guitar on the EP.  Bassist Jimmy Stofer and drummer Christian Teele (who also played on the record) contributed to Kyle’s band, and did a bang-up job!

There were quite a few sales of the EP at the end of the night, and a few people were sporting the new t-shirts.  Overall, it was a great show that really rocked!  Make sure to keep an eye on Kyle’s website for more information on upcoming shows.

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Studio Blog: What About Pluto?

November 4, 2008

What About Pluto?: In The Studio – Day 1

Recently, we started tracking a new EP project with a great new up-and-coming band called What About Pluto.  The guys in the band are really cool – and have really killer songs that we feel are going to turn out great! We feel that this band is a perfect fit for us. We’re really into their sound, and their musical direction is right in tune with what we like to do.








We tracked basics in Studio 6 at Immersive to get the drum sounds we need.  Starting early last Saturday morning, we got everything all set up and ready to go – and got rocking around noon.  Eric the drummer is a killer player, and it was our time to work him really hard to get the best possible takes.

What About Pluto?: In The Studio – Day 2

The band played really well together, and really helped bring the energy to get the bass and drum tracks really solid and tight.  The overall vibe was really great – and we look forward to building these songs into something cool.







Next up we’ll get started on guitars, probably in the second or third week of November.  We are really pumped to use some of our new gear and mix and match the sounds to get it just right.  We’ll definitely keep you posted once we get back into the studio with the WAP guys.










Until Next Time…


George Inai Session

July 28, 2008

George Warming UpJustin and I had the amazing opportunity to work with George Inai the other day – one of Denver’s most unique and promising artists.  How can one sum up what embodies the George Inai sound?  Take one part Frank Sinatra, one part Nat King Cole, and throw in a retro tremolo guitar…that’s only the beginning!  It was a pleasure doing this session, as it was a nice deviation from our rock sensibilities for a day.

Our setup was quite simple in theory, but a little tricky to execute.  George really wanted a super-vibey room sound…something that was raw but very present and intimate.  We were doing our best to try and recreate the “Buena Vista” sound, which happens to be one of Justin’s and my favorite records.

A few technical notes: We started by placing a stereo pair of Schoeps Omni’s on the room, ran though the P1 pres and tweaked with the Hammer EQ…and given a little love with the LA-2A.  This was the most important part of the process, since this was going to be the key of the whole recording – getting the room sound JUST right.  We decided to use a Royer 121 through the Germanium to give the guitar amp a thick, warm sound.  We placed the amp about 20 feet away from the Schoeps in the back of the room to give it a more distant and ambient vibe to supplement the Royer sound.  We decided to use the Red mic with the Telefunken 251 capsule about 2 feet away from the source, since it provided the warmth and clarity that we wanted on George’s voice.

Once we set up everything and got it tweaked just right, it was time to roll tape and let George do his thing.  I was blown away with how George really puts the listener in a space.  His lyrical content was very cohesive with the melodic statements he was making – put his crooning on top of it – and you have something truly special.  We can’t wait to work with him again!

Check out George’s myspace page at

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