Free Music from What About Pluto?!!!

June 17, 2009

What About Pluto?, with whom we recently finished their EP “Let Go”, is giving away a free download via our friends at Go Backstage. Check it out!

EP Release: What About Pluto?

May 28, 2009

Hello friends and music fans!

The “Let Go” EP is ready and available for download on iTunes! If you like Angels & Airwaves, Anberlin, and/or Switchfoot (to name a few), you’ll love these guys! After a lot of hard work with the band, we’re really stoked with how this turned out and couldn’t be happier.

This EP has received a lot of praise from fans and industry people alike, so definitely be on the lookout for this band here doing some amazing things in the near future.

We’re really excited for WAP? – they’re a super talented, hard working band who have GREAT songs. Check it out when you get a chance!

Their EP release show will be announced soon – so check back here for more information, or check out their myspace page for updates.

More pics from the WAP? session coming soon-


Four Reasons You Should Check Out The New What About Pluto? EP…

April 30, 2009

1) The songs are good…no, the songs are GREAT!

2) It will melt your speakers with the power of ROCK!

3) It will get you a hot date!

4) We produced it! (of course…)

You can check out a few of the new tunes on What About Pluto’s Myspace page, or you can check out their website here. Check back in the upcoming weeks for more information about the CD release show!


Studio Blog: What About Pluto? – Update

February 22, 2009

Hey everyone-

I’m really excited to say that we’re nearing the finish line with the What About Pluto? project! We’ve started mixing the tunes and they’re turning out really great. Everything will be done and ready for you to check out sometime in March – so stay tuned!

In the mean time – check out some of our videos below from tracking sessions…



Studio Blog: What About Pluto?

November 4, 2008

What About Pluto?: In The Studio – Day 1

Recently, we started tracking a new EP project with a great new up-and-coming band called What About Pluto.  The guys in the band are really cool – and have really killer songs that we feel are going to turn out great! We feel that this band is a perfect fit for us. We’re really into their sound, and their musical direction is right in tune with what we like to do.








We tracked basics in Studio 6 at Immersive to get the drum sounds we need.  Starting early last Saturday morning, we got everything all set up and ready to go – and got rocking around noon.  Eric the drummer is a killer player, and it was our time to work him really hard to get the best possible takes.

What About Pluto?: In The Studio – Day 2

The band played really well together, and really helped bring the energy to get the bass and drum tracks really solid and tight.  The overall vibe was really great – and we look forward to building these songs into something cool.







Next up we’ll get started on guitars, probably in the second or third week of November.  We are really pumped to use some of our new gear and mix and match the sounds to get it just right.  We’ll definitely keep you posted once we get back into the studio with the WAP guys.










Until Next Time…


The Update: Mastering and fall bookings…

September 19, 2008

So, Kyle’s project just got back from mastering in LA by none other than Brian “Big Bass” Gardner. Brian does amazing work and we were so excited to have him give the final polish on this project. 

In other news, we’re booking for fall. What About Pluto? is going into preproduction in a few weeks for their EP, and we’re getting closer to booking several other artists for the fall.

We’re also excited about our new Focal Twin6 studio monitors. I (Justin) reviewed them for Recording Magazine and was totally surprised by them. After getting used to them we realized they were the monitor for us. Still keeping the NS-10’s around, but I’m loving going back and forth between both sets.

Lastly, there’s some other really huge news that we’ll be announcing in another week or so… Stay tuned!